Indigent Inmates

Indigent Inmates (Those having less than the cost of five first class stamps in their account for 15 days) will be eligible to receive:

  • One writing pad.
  • One pencil.
  • Five stamped envelopes.
  • One bar of soap.
  • One tube of toothpaste.
  • One toothbrush.
  • One mini deodorant.
  • One 4 oz. Bottle of shampoo.

The cost  of indigent canteen and indigent postage will be deducted from any funds received by an indigent inmate. Indigent inmates receive indigent canteen once every 30 days and an Indigent Canteen Request Form must be submitted. Postage allowance for indigent inmates will not total more than Five stamped envelopes per week, including legal mail. An Indigent Postage Request Form must be submitted.

EST: Eastern Standard Time (United States)

Orders for Care Packages must be completed between Tuesday 12:00a.m. EST 12/05/17 through Monday 11:59p.m. EST on 12/11/17. Orders will be delivered by Monday 12/18/17.

Orders for Care Packages must be completed between Tuesday 12:00a.m. EST 12/12/17 through Monday 11:59p.m. EST on 12/18/17. Orders will be delivered by Tuesday 12/26/2017.


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Breakfast Pack

Picture of Breakfast Pack
Satisfy your breakfast desires with this all inclusive package.

$39.50 (USD)

Candy Store Pack

Picture of Candy Store Pack
Something for Everyone!

$20.00 (USD)

Chip Care Package

Picture of Chip Care Package
An Excellent variety of chips for your loved one to enjoy!

$20.00 (USD)

Feel Better Pack

Picture of Feel Better Pack
For when you feel a little under the weather...

$15.00 (USD)

Meal Pack

Picture of Meal Pack
Great when you need a little something extra!

$32.00 (USD)

Premium Hygiene Pack

Picture of Premium Hygiene Pack
Our Premium Hygiene Pack is perfect with Pantene shampoo and conditioner!!

$45.00 (USD)

Spicy Snack Pack

Picture of Spicy Snack Pack
This Pack is a MUST HAVE!

$27.00 (USD)

Storage Pack

Picture of Storage Pack
A fantastic pack that will allow your loved one to neatly store all of the CareMart items you have purchased!

$25.00 (USD)

Condiment Pack

Picture of Condiment Pack
Perfect Pack for Adding Flavor!

$10.00 (USD)

Hygiene Pack

Picture of Hygiene Pack
Everything Needed For Good Hygiene

$18.00 (USD)

Jumbo Snack Pack

Picture of Jumbo Snack Pack
The Whole Shabang

$55.00 (USD)

Refill Pack

Picture of Refill Pack
Perfect supply of refills for radio listeners.

$10.00 (USD)

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