Indigent Inmates

Indigent Inmates (Those having less than the cost of five first class stamps in their account for 15 days) will be eligible to receive:

  • One writing pad.
  • One pencil.
  • Five stamped envelopes.
  • One bar of soap.
  • One tube of toothpaste.
  • One toothbrush.
  • One mini deodorant.
  • One 4 oz. Bottle of shampoo.

The cost  of indigent canteen and indigent postage will be deducted from any funds received by an indigent inmate. Indigent inmates receive indigent canteen once every 30 days and an Indigent Canteen Request Form must be submitted. Postage allowance for indigent inmates will not total more than Five stamped envelopes per week, including legal mail. An Indigent Postage Request Form must be submitted.

Condiment Pack

Perfect Pack for Adding Flavor!
(2) Ranch Dressing Packs, (10) Mayo Packs, (10) Ketchup Packs, (10) Hot Sauce Packs, (10) BBQ Sauce Packs,  (10) Coffee Creamer Packs, (10) Sugar Packs

$10.00 (USD)
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