Shipping & Returns

Delivery schedules are posted in red under each category name.

All sales are final. There are no cancellations or substitutions permitted by the customer or recipient. Regardless of the amount of orders, inmates will receive unlimited Fresh Favorite meals delivered at the same time and date each week. No special considerations will be given to your order request.

Upon request, if a care package is not delivered, a fresh favorite meal is not prepared because the inmate has been permanently released from the Virginia Beach Correctional Center, or the recipient has a medical restriction and is not allowed to receive a product, a credit for the purchase amount will be applied to the purchaser’s credit card less a 15% restocking fee. Within 30 days upon the inmate's permanent release, you must send an email through the Contact Us page, provide the order number, inmate name, along with release date of the inmate. You will receive an email confirmation once the refund has been applied to your account. It may take two weeks for a credit to appear on your bank statement. ** EXCLUSION: Any inscribed care package items will not be refunded i.e., radios, shoes, or any other inscribed items not listed. You will be notified by email to pick up inscribed items within seven days. After seven days, the inscribed items will be discarded. **