Indigent Inmates

Indigent Inmates (Those having less than the cost of five first class stamps in their account for 15 days) will be eligible to receive:

  • One writing pad.
  • One pencil.
  • Five stamped envelopes.
  • One bar of soap.
  • One tube of toothpaste.
  • One toothbrush.
  • One mini deodorant.
  • One 4 oz. Bottle of shampoo.

The cost  of indigent canteen and indigent postage will be deducted from any funds received by an indigent inmate. Indigent inmates receive indigent canteen once every 30 days and an Indigent Canteen Request Form must be submitted. Postage allowance for indigent inmates will not total more than Five stamped envelopes per week, including legal mail. An Indigent Postage Request Form must be submitted.

$20.00 Inmate Release Cash Voucher

By purchasing this cash voucher, your loved one will receive $20.00 cash upon permanent release from the Virginia Beach Sheriff's Office.


$1.00 credit card fee applies to this product!

Upon permanent release, inmates are only allowed to redeem ONE $20.00 cash voucher.  Any subsequent vouchers purchased for/or by an inmate will be treated as a deposit into the inmate's account.  All Sheriff’s Office rules regarding how inmate accounts are reconciled upon release will apply.   Weekender inmates may not purchase this product.

To ensure redemption of a cash voucher, the voucher must be purchased at least TWO WEEKS prior to an inmate's permanent release from the Virginia Beach Sheriff's Office. 

Inmate Redemption of Vouchers for Cash

A. Inmates may redeem the one (1) original voucher upon release. Any funds due to the inmate upon release in excess of the one (1) redeemable original voucher will be disbursed to the inmate in accordance with the SOP Policy and Procedure governing Inmate Release Funds Account.

B. Inmates who remain in custody (i.e. released to other jurisdictions or state prisons) upon release from Virginia Beach Correctional Center will not be allowed to redeem a voucher for cash. If the inmate has vouchers in his/her name, the total value of the vouchers will be placed in the inmate’s canteen account.

C.  Under no circumstances will an Inmate Release Cash Voucher be released to a third party. 

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